In an emergency, knowing your surroundings can save your life. Having access to maps that quickly communicate the location of danger and what to do is essential. NotifyEM is a sophisticated emergency alert system to improve situational awareness and keep more people safe.


Provide better visual context.

NotifyEM allows your map to be highly customized to your city or campus. Represent landmarks with unique symbols that your community will understand, accurately mark the location of danger on the map, and attach supporting photos or videos. Not only does visual information shorten reaction time, but it can also transcend language barriers in ways that a text or verbal alert cannot.


Reach the public wherever they are.

Deliver messages in a variety of ways. Recipients can receive notifications through text, recorded voice alert, email, and in-app notifications.


Filter communications to the appropriate channels.

NotifyEM allows administrators to set up and distribute information to private and public channels. Private channels are password-protected and used for internal communication (e.g. a police department). Public channels can help keep a larger population informed (e.g. students on a campus).


Propel action to keep everyone safe.

In addition to showing where the emergency is, NotifyEM can show how to respond. Important infographics, audio messages, photos and videos can be attached to alerts to help the public get to safety.


Feature Highlights

  • Multimedia capability

  • GPS Position

  • Multi-channel distribution

  • Geotargeting

  • Robust cloud environment

  • Text alerts

  • Recorded voice alerts

  • Email alerts

  • App alerts

  • Offline mode

  • Customized symbols

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