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To help you better understand your world and your work through accessible, intuitive, and high-quality mapping technologies.


MapText was founded in 1997 by Herbert Freeman to automate the labeling of paper maps. Shortly after its launch, the company was awarded a contract with the US Census Bureau to produce an automated label placement system for labeling more than 20 million maps to help conduct the Census 2000.

In 2005, MapText was acquired by Lufthansa Systems to effect a “paperless cockpit” via the development of a vector-based dynamically rendered and labeled mapping platform on mobile devices. Today, this technology is used by a number of other airlines including British Airways, KLM, SAS, and Air France.

Since then, MapText has expanded its vision for use of this technology to other markets. The launch of FieldMap broadened the MapText market reach to include several non-aviation industries such as water, gas, electric, transportation, and more. With support from management, MapText has spun out from Lufthansa to continue building new technologies that solve problems for these verticals.


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MapText’s Leadership Team


Jarek Malecki, CEO

Jarek Malecki joined MapText when the company was acquired by Lufthansa Systems in 2006. Previously, he served as Strategic Director at Sprint Ltd., Poland. In 2001, he joined Lufthansa Systems Poland as Managing Director, building aeronautical and financial products. For many years, he was leading R&D projects for FAA-certifiable aeronautical charting software. His work has helped shift the company towards its current focus of engineering cutting-edge mobile, map-centric products. 


Martin Tyberg, CTO

Martin has been with MapText since its beginnings 22 years ago. He currently serves as its CTO, providing GIS and technical experience in the development of mapping products. During Lufthansa Systems’ ownership of MapText, Martin served as a team leader in guiding the development of the next generation dynamic text placement engine’s computational geometric algorithms now in use by pilots around the world. Prior to Lufthansa’s acquisition, Martin developed MapText’s flagship product, Label-EZ. and all of its GIS interfaces enabling it to support the industry’s leading GIS systems such ArcMap, ArcInfo, ArcView, MapInfo, GeoMedia, MicroStation. and AutoCad.


Pete Ort, Cofounder

Pete focuses on strategy and business development. Before MapText, he co-founded an award-winning software and consulting firm, CurAlea Associates, and served as a Managing Director at both Karsch Capital and Goldman Sachs. At Goldman Sachs, he held positions in the Financial Institutions, Private Equity, and Hedge Fund Strategies Groups. Currently, he advises on boards for Smartleaf, Car Force, Ample, and Redrock Biometrics.


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