FieldMap is less like a map and more like a swiss army knife. It offers an array of tools to field workers to nimbly retrieve and enter varied data to perform their jobs, with or without internet connectivity. Your team can leave behind the trail of papers and heavy laptops and get more done.


Publish your GIS map (ArcMap and GeoMedia) to the cloud.

Using an add-on to your GIS called Mobile Publisher, publish from within your GIS your entire map's vector data, attribution, symbology, layer scale ranges and configuration to a mobile database that is pushed to the cloud and downloaded to each field worker's mobile device. Once on the device, FieldMap can produce a WYSIWIG rendering of your GIS map.


Render high-quality maps with or without internet connection.

While offline, FieldMap can still render the beautiful maps you have painstakingly built in your GIS from the onboard, published mobile database that has been downloaded onto your device. This enables your team to still effectively work in any type of field conditions. FieldMap's automated dynamic label placement engine enables your field workers to rapidly comprehend a fully labeled map.


Identify assets through advanced search and augmented reality.

Locate assets via searching by attribute or by address. When assets have low visibility in conditions like floods or snowstorms, FieldMap can help you locate and visualize these assets through an augmented reality feature.


Collect data in a friendly-to-use offline, digital form.

Each asset on the map can be tapped to show one or more associated forms. The look and feel of each form can be tailored to reflect an organization's existing paper forms. Photos can be captured as well. Once collected, push your data to the cloud in an open format and import back into your GIS and/or other targeted system (such as an asset management system).


Store important documents.

View, markup and share important PDF documents, such as operational manuals, on the fly.


Feature Highlights

  • Augmented Reality

  • Data Collection

  • Routing enabled via Google Maps + Apple Maps

  • Document storage, markup + sharing

  • Offline Mode

  • Digitized Forms using HTML 5 and Javascript

  • Redlining

  • Damage Assessment

  • Search (by Address or Attribute) 

FieldMap Verticals


Water + Waste


Gas + Electric










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